Training and Placements

B.S TELESERVICES has excellent facilities for training for both Induction as well as In-Service including Vendor Trainings too. Other Trainings are also organized by B.S TELESERVICES different Circles viz, Maharashtra,Bihar,Jharkhand,Orissa etc.. The lecture rooms at the B.S TELESERVICES are equipped with modern teaching aids. Emphasis is given on simulation of conditions existing in the work environment. Hands-on practice on systems is encouraged.
B.S TELESERVICES is equipped with modern test lab for hand-on experience in different telecom verticals viz Transmission (Wireless and OFC),2G GSM technology and latest 3G technology.

Courses offered by B.S TELESERVICES

  • GSM Fundamentals External and Design Techniques
  • BSS System (NSN,Ericsson,Huawei,ZTE,Alcatel-Lucent)
  • BSS Parameter
  • RF Optimization Principles
  • 3G Overview and Development
  • Counters and KPI analysis
  • UMTS Field Planner Course
  • LOS Survey
  • Transmission basics
  • Transmission systems
  • Planning tools - Path Loss
Advantages of the Courses & Trainings offered:
The courses offered act as a bridge between a Telecom Professional & a fresher engineer. It helps in shaping the career of a fresher by drawing the co-relation between the technical studies & their practical applications.